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Sauté Grill & Meze Restaurant is the messenger of scrumptious and luxurious Turkish cuisine serving, the exclusive community of St Albans.  

Our purpose is to deliver the finest taste of our cuisine to your plate, where you will feel enjoyed, valued, belonged and collected unforgettable memories with its dedicated, kind and respectful service.

You will soon feel that this place is not only belong to its service providers; it’s your place where you will drop in for a professional meeting, enjoy large range of delicious cocktail after work, relax with a drink in a beautifully decorated bar. 

Our chefs are professional and passionate about their work.  You will taste their passion in your plate. We are not only passionate about the Turkish cuisine; you will feel the difference and elegance of other cuisines taste when you ordered a la carte menu.

Our ingredients are freshly sourced, authentically spiced, and blended into our traditional recipes that will evoke the rich heritage of Turkey.

We promise, you will gain an elegant culinary experience when you dine at Sauté Grill & Meze


We have followed the government guidelines and the Food Standard Agency's guidelines before we open our doors again. 

Click here if you would like to read our RISK ASSESSMENT 
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